Laws of Motion: Paths to, from and back to Matènwa

Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change. -Newton

Who’s Who

Kate is a 3rd grade teacher at The Advent School. Chrissi is a 5/6 teacher at Fayerweather Street School. Lauren is a 1/2 teacher at Fayerweather Street School. Hannah W. … Continue reading

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February 2012 – Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

Dr. Howard Gardner, of Fayerweather’s “neighboring school”, Harvard University, is nothing if not an influential American psychologist who has contributed greatly to how we teach and assess children in this country. … Continue reading

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Teaching, Learning, Healing

An ongoing project, kinship, and story of many lives in motion.  A multilingual, multicultural, multifaceted tale. As the group is trying to piece together what happened they will be posting … Continue reading

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