Laws of Motion: Paths to, from and back to Matènwa

Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change. -Newton

Who’s Who

Kate, Chrissi, Lauren, Holly, Juliette, Iku, Jeremie,Hannah W. Hannah G. Thalia, Chris

Kate is a 3rd grade teacher at The Advent School.
Chrissi is a 5/6 teacher at Fayerweather Street School.
Lauren is a 1/2 teacher at Fayerweather Street School.
Hannah W. is a 3rd grade teacher at The Advent School.
Holly is a Spanish teacher at the Cambridgeport  and Haggerty Schools.
Thalia is a Graduate of Fayerweather and a Cambridge Rindge and Latin School student
Juliette and Jeremie are Fayerweather students and translators for the trip.
Not pictured are:
Alexandra is a 13 year old who was visiting with her parents Mike and Suzanne.
Laurie is a parent at Fayerweather and a translator for the trip as well as a longtime resident of Haiti.
Courtney a translator.
Tessa a translator.Behind the scenes….

So many people behind the scenes including host families, community members, Haitian teachers, the families and loved ones of each of the people on the trip had a role in this trip.  Immediately after the accident, Haitian passer-bys and community members as well as teams of visiting doctors and nurses, and school staff and community members back in the United States all rose to the occasion to help.

One comment on “Who’s Who

  1. Abner Genece
    March 23, 2012

    I am sorry to learn about the accident, It’s quite a relief to know that all are home safely, God is GREAT!

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